My name is Adrianna Favero and I am a New York based fashion and beauty photographer.  Art, in all it's forms, was my first real love.  I've always been fascinated by the way you could touch people, amaze them with beauty and open their eyes to worlds and experiences that they would never have imagined otherwise.  

My mother handed me my first real camera at 13 and I was hooked.  This was my way of sharing my view and voice with the world.  As I worked to make the dream a reality I realized how photography allows me to call on all the diverse disciplines that fascinate me and are necessary to successfully do this job. 

I'm using this site to share those stories with you: not just the work and a quick peek behind the scenes.  I want to make this a space to discuss the business of being a female photographer, the business itself, the opportunities being a content creator affords to shape the conversation, as well as handy resources and inspiration.  Last but not least I want to create a space to focus on the talented team members who make these projects successful and my life fuller.

I hope you enjoy the ride, and the occasional photos of me doing crazy things for the shot.