Behind the Scenes of Justin Alexander Signature Collection

Its official, wedding season has officially begun for those of us with friends of marrying age, and while I'm no stranger to the years of multiple weddings where every vacation revolves around a different friend's nuptials, this year the term wedding season took on a very different meaning for me.  This year wedding season started in March with the three-day shoot for the Justin AlexanderSignature collection at the Metropolitan building in Long Island City.   The first day of the shoot was all about final scouting and pre for the subsequent few days and shooting the sales images for the collection that is currently gracing their website.  While the next two days were dedicated to shooting sales and advertising images for Spring 2016 (this is code for I can't show you any of those images now, but hopefully soon...).

During the initial planning process I had the pleasure of meeting with the entire Justin Alexander team at their headquarters in New Jersey.  Watching the team run through the line was a rare experience to get a feel for the identity of the line as described by the talented people who had created it.  In between discussing plans and budgets Terri Hilferty, the line's creative director, was showing off the various intricacies and highlights of different pieces and anecdotes behind their creation (including a gown requiring 300 man hours of beading).  The excitement and passion for their industry and their designs was evident and I was thrilled to be working with such focused and dedicated artists and professionals.

The Metropolitan Building began its life as an electrical factory in 1909.  In 1980 the building was purchased by Elenor Ambos as a storage space for her furniture rental business, who subsequently transformed the space into an event and production venue.  The building has been used for shoots in Vogue Italia, Elle Mexico, Bal Harbour, and Italian Vanity Fair, among others.  We spent the three days shooting on their third floor, here's our little tour our sets...

Elena Miglino and Cristina Veneziale joined the team as the makeup artist and hair stylist respectively.  Elena and Cristina had worked with the Justin Alexander team on several previous shoots for other collections and were by this point respected and valued members of the team, and for very good reason, their work is impeccable.  It was helpful working with a creative team with such a strong grasp of the visual character and personality of both the client and the specific collection as they helped me as well to put the rest of the fantasy together.  It should also be noted here that they are excellent on set DJs.

Keisha Lall of Elite Models was the face of this collection.  Keisha hails from the UK and was in the middle of a weeks of traveling during this shoot.  Keisha was fantastic to work with, in addition to being stunning and a talented model, Keisha is also a sweet, extremely intelligent woman with an incredible work ethic.  Over the course of three long, freezing days on set I don't think she had a single negative thing to say the entire time.  Here are a few of the behind the scenes shots from the shoot.

Stay tuned for highlights from the current collection.