October Inspiration Notes

So I know I'm a little behind on my monthly Inspiration update, but I promise to be better in the future.  But until then, Here's my roundup of things I found really inspiring over the past few weeks.


Podcast: How to Be Amazing With Michael Ian Black

Ok so this is a great set of interviews with talented people about their path to creative success and how they view their craft and their creative processes.  I've been binge listening while I retouch (and there has been a lot of retouching this month) and I think this is my favorite episode so far.



Broadly: The Flying Queens of Basketball

I grew up playing basketball and it's a game that has made a huge impact on my life and who I am now.  It also was part of the reason I started looking into the history of women's rights, because just being on a team and having that be ok was a privilege that my mother and aunts never had.  So it's awesome finding stories like this about the pre-Title IX world where women could be more than decoration and be celebrated for their hard work and talent.


KiddBell and the story behind her Unapologetically Feminist Merch, Refinery29

Ok so in case you missed it I'm a feminist raised by feminists.  So it's no surprise that I found this story and the store it promotes to be pretty all around amazing.


Massimo Bottura, the Chef Behind the World's Best Restaurant, New York TImes Magazine

I was first introduced to Massimo Bottura via Episode 1 of Chef's Table, a beautiful Netflix show covering the stories and inspirations of the world's greatest chefs.  If you like food or shows about food or shows about creative minds or just beautiful food I highly recommend you check it out.  What I loved about that episode and about this article was how they discuss his focus on the importance of being surrounded by art and letting it influence everything you do and how you think.

Anthony Bourdain on Authenticity, Expectation, and Opening the Country's Most Ambitions Food Hall, Vogue

Ok so this is a bit food heavy, blame it on the timing of the universe and the fact that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Anthony Bourdain is a chef, author, TV personality, and producer.  What I think makes him most interesting is his continuous quest to cultivate and share his culinary passions without the need to live up to/be constrained by anyone's expectations