Elegant Magazine: Color Land Beauty Editorial

I am excited to share a story I've been sitting on for a few months now.  Color Land for ELEGANT Magazine.

Last year was in many ways a year of false starts for me.  It started off with a death in the family that upended everything.  Over the course of the year I travelled back and forth across the country attempting to support my family and mourn, while upholding my professional responsibilities.  It shouldn't be surprising that the business ceased being my main priority, even if it was an excellent place to hide from my grief.  In this cyclical business I always seemed to need to fly to the opposite coast just as I was building up steam on work.  But there was no choice, probate and mourning go hand in hand in that neither cares about your plans.  My family is always my first priority and that's where I needed to be.

By the time August rolled around, most of my duties surrounding the legal ramifications of death had finished, or at least way less hands on.  So I went back to rebuilding a stable life in New York and put my energies back into the business.  It was also the point when I realized that my book had barely evolved over the previous eight months. As I mentioned, I was a little busy.

Starting another season with a stagnant book wasn't doing much for my mental health. I decided to make building the book and focusing on editorials as much of a priority as sales, which I'd never had the luxury to pursue in the past.  I wanted to challenge myself with my photography and my beauty work was the perfect place to start.  Fashion and beauty are inextricably connected, but they are different beasts: the principles are the same but the application and outcome are drastically different.  You are no longer able to use the props of space and fashion to tell a story or mask a lack of connection with the model.  If an image works it's right there, all over the subject's face, or not. Ideas of space, angles, composition, and attitude change when you're so much closer to your subject.  Being a bit of an introvert, that affords a whole slew of new challenges and opportunities for growth and experimentation.  It also made sense that after the year I'd had I wanted to challenge myself through simplicity. It I was going to start over mentally, how much beauty could I make with the simplest ingredients? Nothing terribly flashy: just a studio space, my lighting abilities, and a strong team.

For all my self starting I knew I needed to be pushed.  I started searching for artists that would help to push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me to think differently.   Thus began a hunt that has since introduced me to some wonderful artists and initiated some inspiring partnerships. On a side note I look forward to sharing the work from those projects with you all soon.

Daniella Shachter is a talented makeup artist currently represented by Workgroup,. She was one of the first artists that I reached out to and thankfully she emailed me back.  The initial emails evolved into a series of brainstorming sessions with mood images flying back and forth until we had the foundations of a story, a shoot date, and a model.  After pouring over books from several agencies we agreed that Lydia Hunt from Wilhelmina was our girl. We split the shoot day up into two sections, in the morning we started by capturing some clean beauty test images for Lydia and her book, we spent the rest of the day focusing on our beauty story. Once I'd gotten home and through the first round of editing I reached out to Daniella again for her input on the retouching. It was invaluable to have someone review and advise my beauty retouching, as it is a skill that I hadn't been using much before this project.

It's kind of fitting that this story is not only the first that I shot over a fall of intense editorial and testing work, but also that it was one of the first to be picked up and published. So here we are in a new year with new and optimistic work, new connections, and new working habits that feed my soul as well as my business.