Sidewalk for Hope Street Magazine

Now that I've shared the experience of making Sidewalk, I have to take a minute to share part of the editing process.  Retouching is a reality of all the work that I do, and most of the time it comes down to knowing when to stop.  It's about knowing what to change to fix the clothes or imperfections in skin or hair without ruining the image by making the model something fake and plastic rather than a dynamic, living, breathing human being

Since the idea behind the shoot was to explore the 70's inspired designs, toning the images as though I was using vintage film was a part of my mind from the beginning: enter VSCO film packs.  I have long been a huge fan of VSCO Cam. I was first introduced to the app a couple years ago and have never looked back. It had all the tones, life, and intricacies of film without the kitchie foolishness of other apps that only distracts from the images. And so, like I said, I was hooked.  The more I used it, the more I loved it, and it swiftly became an integral part of my social media workflow.  When I started to hear about the film packs for desktop I was intregued, but at that point I couldn't see how to include it in my work.  As a fashion photographer, much of the work I was doing at the time was highly technical and was not the right venue for the film packs.  But here seemed to be the perfect opportunity to see what these products could do and if they could be as strong an asset to my workflow as the mobile app has with social.  In working wth the presets the most challenging part of the editing of this shoot turned out to be choosing which presets to use and how to manipulate them to bring out just the right mood (the selection is pretty impressive).   

And so without further ado, here is the full story from Hope Street Magazine as well as some of my favorite images that I had to share with you as well.