Hotel Room- Spirit and Flesh Magazine

Fun fact about editorial work: sometimes it takes a while for stories to get published.  And by a little while I mean it can take months.  This is one of those editorials.  I originally shot this story for Downtown Magazine.  The original plan was that one to two images would run in the magazine for the New Beauty (plastic surgery) feature, and the rest would run online as a dedicated lingerie fashion story, as part of a push to increase the online presence and promote the magazine as a favorable location for fashion and fashion advertising.  These two of the images did run in Downtown, but unfortunately the publisher decided against running the rest of the story.  

I was extremely proud of the work that I did with my fantastic team and I didn't want to see the rest of the shoot go unpublished, considering the strength of the work, so I set about to shopping it around to publications that might be interested in the story.  After several months it found a home with Spirit and Flesh.

I was first introduced to the magazine by Mia Tucker Williams, the stylist on this project.  She had worked with Yelena, the publisher, in the past and suggested that I reach out to her.   So I followed her sound advice and sent off the images and the explanation of my inspiration to Yelena. The editorial resonated with her, and she agreed to give it a home.  And so I am thrilled today to share the full with here with you today, 

Photography: Adrianna Favero

Wardrobe Stylist: Mia Tucker Williams

Makeup Artist: Dawn Nicole

Hair Stylist: Ananda Khan represented by Big Leo

Model: Patricia Beck (Wilhelmina)

Location: EWOW Suite W Hotel New York - Downtown