Making of Melt Away With Me for Dapifer Magazine

Living in this city, and working in this industry, ideas for stories are all around me.  Many come and go, but some stick with me, and this one did for over a year.  Some stories get picked up immediately, but many (due to style, timing, or production issues) get shelved.  That was certainly the case for "Melt Away With Me," my recent editorial for The Dapifer Online, which is part of the reason I'm so excited to share the story of the shoot and the full edit with you here (full edit coming soon).  I love that something that has lived for so long in my mind eventually has a home in the world. 

 As I said I am often inspired by the world around me, and working in this city and this industry there is a definite disconnect with the fantasies that we create in fashion and the lives that we live working in fashion, especially at the beginning, before someone becomes that overnight success ten years in the making.   I wanted to tell the story of a girl who was fabulous and stylish, but didn't have the money yet to live the high life.  So instead of Bali or Ibiza she made her rooftop a staycation worthy destination.  

At first I had no intention of working on this story this summer, it was one of the many editorial pitches that I'd try to pitch last summer and it just didn't resonate with editors and the timing was wrong.  But then I met Alex.  Alex Vinash is a fashion designer and stylist from Argentina currently living and working in NYC.  We'd connected over LinkedIn last fall, but never quite managed to connect, until he invited me to attend his fashion show at the beginning of the summer.  Our brief post-show chat turned into a coffee meeting in his studio, and there surrounded by his collections and twinkle lights we went ten rounds of editorial ideas back and forth.  I remember leaving the meeting overwhelmed with creative inspiration and excited for all the things we could create together.