From Hard Fought Clarity, a New Direction

January is generally the month for setting goals and making the ambitious changes that will hopefully improve your life. It’s not August.  August is when you should be well into working your plan and achieving the kinds of success that at least shows that you’re on the right path.  During any normal year that’s where I’d mentally be right now.  But this isn’t a normal year.  Early this year there was a death in my family that rocked my life down to the foundations.  It and all the events that followed have been alternatively overwhelming and clarifying.  The crux of my epiphanies is that there isn’t any time to waste, in my personal or professional life.  you can't delay projects out of fear.  Delays from fear only breed regret rather than opportunity.

Currently, professionally seizing the moment isn't just finding ways to work smarter or focusing on cultivating my photographic style. It is also about building the business with a blog that lets me contribute to the world and the conversations that motivate me.

In the past uncertainty and trepidation have kept me from maintaining a consistent and well written blog.  Uncertainty about the blog's voice and focus and a general reluctance to self-promotion.  

Honestly, those are pretty terrible excuses.  

Projects need to be promoted. 1. because content is king, 2. because that is how we as photographers move our careers forward, and 3. because I need to honor the work.  Just as when you were little, once a project ends you need to honor and celebrate the time and the work.  The next step is to critique and learn from the finished product. And then with a clear head put it to bed and move onto the next thing.

Most photographer's blogs tend to focus on teaching other aspiring photographers.  There are already several photographers doing that better than I could (I'm looking at you Chase Jarvis and you Lindsey Adler).  I appreciate their insights but I have no interest in trying to follow their example as bloggers. I am, however, interested in talking about the industry and sharing the stories of the people behind the work.  

So that’s what I’ll be sharing: a better look at the stories behind my work (including commercial, editorial, and ongoing personal projects), inspiration and resources from around the creative world, and interviews with my team and the incredible people making the media that surround us everyday.  I hope you enjoy!