Behind the Scenes for A Sporting Life for iMute Magazine

They say life influences art, and I know it does in my work.  The influx of sportswear inspired collections over the past several seasons sparked the desire to do an athletic/athleasure inspired shoot.  The media coverage of and my anticipation for and excitement leading up to this summer's Olympics convinced me this was the perfect time for this story. 

Earlier this year I moved to Cobble Hill in Brooklyn with my lovely boyfriend.  One night on one of our “get to know the neighborhood” meanders, we went for a walk along the Columbia Street waterfront towards DUMBO.  As we were enjoying the evening and the sun setting over the city, we came across the Piers in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Over the past few years the parks department has converted the rundown piers into green spaces and athletic facilities (if you live in New York you should really stop by).  The courts at Pier 2 were so bright and colorful that they stuck in my mind.  I loved the way that the colors and the space combined to create strong graphic elements throughout the space. Over the next few months I kept revisiting the idea in my mind, imagining how to curate and combine different details and pieces of inspiration together into a complete story.

Once I had completed the brief and secured a tentative home for the editorial in iMute Magazine it was time to nail down the team. Personality is always important when working on editorials.  I want everyone involved to be excited and motivated to put their talents and efforts towards bringing a concept to life.  But as you can imagine, spending 8 hours being creative with strangers is challenging enough before you consider clashing personalities.  Add in good dose of New York summer weather and you could have the potential for disaster.  For the record, this shoot was not one of those disasters.  

Mia Tucker Williams, our stylist, was my first call.  We’ve worked together off and on for a few years now and I am always excited at the chance to collaborate with her.  Miyako Johnson, our hair stylist, and Adriana Andaluz, our talented makeup artist, were both Mia’s suggestions.  Mia had collaborated with Miyako in the past and felt that she would be a strong addition to the team with her years of experience and her excitement about the project.  Adriana was a referral to Mia and ended up being a great asset with both her talent and fantastic attitude.  The last piece of the puzzle was our model, Eve Moraes from Marilyn.  Prior to the shoot I had been sent Eve’s book a number of times, and while I always wanted to work with her, it never seemed to be quite the right project.  I am so glad we had the chance to collaborate on this shoot as she was the perfect fit.  

The shoot day was extremely hot and humid.  I really need to learn and stop planning location shoots in late July and early August.  We started early and tried to keep things moving and keep the team as comfortable as possible.  Our casting decisions proved their worth as the day moved on.  Eve, Adriana, and Miyako continued to deliver fantastic work and keep a positive attitude despite the heat and location challenges.  

For the full story you can stop by iMute Magazine or my website for a more personal edit.