In all honesty I haven't tested in a really long time.  I was always focused on getting paying projects and only shooting editorials once there was a clear home for a story so that the ROI for the cost of setting up the shoot would be worth it.  The problem is that when you aren't testing you aren't shooting nearly enough to grow.  On the one hand only shooting for editorial and commercial clients gets you used to shooting with real consequences.  But at the same time its basically playing in a league game without any practice days in between.  And that's not how you grow, not as a basketball player and definitely not as a photographer.   That's part of why I'm sharing a new section called Play.  Some of these will be beauty stories, some more fashion, but mainly this is a space to show what I'm working on, what ideas I'm developing, and a chance to meet the talented people that I have the honor to collaborate with.  

Photographer: Adrianna Favero

Hair and Makeup: Daniella Shachter (Workgroup)

Model: Lydia Hunt (Wilhelmina)