The End of the World for Solstice Magazine

Earlier this week my location fashion story, "The End of the World", was published on Solstice Magazine.  I know that often I use these posts to talk about the story behind the production, but for this one I wanted to talk about the inspiration that led me to conceptualize, pitch, and eventually produce this editorial.

I grew up in Northern California, near the beach, and most of my favorite legends and fairy tales involve the ocean. Like many coastal cultures, the Irish have creatures that travel between the land and sea. Selkies are seals who shed their coats and become women on land. After a few hours on land, they don their coats and transform back into seals and return to the ocean. Should someone take their coat they become bound to that person, until they can reclaim their coat and return to the sea.

That idea of women who live as different creatures in different worlds has always fascinated me. It's the kind of scene that captures some part of my imagination and then lives quietly in the back of my mind. It sits there waiting to be something fuller and more exciting than a gently nagging afterthought. The last scene in “Shakespeare in Love” is another of those scenes: a woman is being tossed by the waves while escaping a shipwreck and then seen walking along a wide and empty beach towards an unknown future. I always loved that.

In both of these stories, there is a wildness and fierceness to the women. To live in the harshness of the sea, to come and go as you please, and to march into a future without a need of rescue. The sea, so often personified as female, seems to be one of the few places in fairytales where women are fierce and autonomous. No wonder I prefer those stories.

When I was looking at the Spring '17 collections the abundant use of muted tones is soft, translucent fabrics pulled my imagination back towards the beach. At that point the fashion research combined with the kernels of stories and scattered visuals, and grew into the idea for this shoot. What if a Selkie came ashore one beautiful day to celebrate her form and enjoy the warmth and Spring fashions without fear of capture? What would that day look like, especially if you could spend that perfect day with her? This story was my way of trying to answer those questions.

Without further ado, here is the full story along with some of the images that I loved too much not to share, I hope you enjoy.

Photography: Adrianna Favero

Styling: Marie Blomquist (Aubri Balk)

Hair and Makeup: Brynn Doering (Aubri Balk)

Model: Bruna Del Bortoli (One Management)