Slipscape for Solstice Magazine

It's no secret that I'm a child of the '90s.  And while my first brushes with fashion were old movies and rebelling against what my catholic elementary school considered to be an acceptable girl's uniform, it's safe to say that I had some style issues.  By which I mean imaginary me, who wasn't an awkwardly tall and mildly inappropriate 7-year-old, had excellent style.  Real life me, not so much.  I loved everything that slinky, dramatic, beautifully constructed and showstopping.  I also loved every '90s reference to the old movies from the '30s and '40s (mostly musicals and anything including the respective Hepburn ladies) that I would watch with my mother and grandmother.  So needless to say I got really excited over the past few seasons when modern incarnations of my childhood fashion fantasies kept showing up all over the runways.  

So once the mood board was complete I got to work finding a home and a team for the project.  I was excited to partner with Solstice Magazine again on this shoot and it made sense to bring my trusted team of Megan Pfiffner, Liz Olivier, and Brynn Doering to work their magic. Camila Costa, our lovely model, was the last piece of the puzzle.  I hope you enjoy the story and please keep scrolling to see the extended edit.


Photographer: Adrianna Favero

Stylist: Megan Pfiffner

Makeup Artist: Liz Olivier

Hair Stylist: Brynn Doering (Aubri Balk)

Model: Camila Costa (IMG)