Emerald and Rose for Elegant Magazine

This editorial is another one where it's success relies on networking.  Working as a photographer is simultaneously a very solitary process as well as an extremely collaborative one., depending on the day.  On the one hand, the time spent brainstorming, fleshing out, and pitching concepts are mostly done alone (along with the bulk of running a business and searching for clients).  However, no fashion or beauty project can be fully executed alone.  Seeking out new teams is a challenge, but one that is totally rewarding and worthwhile.  New collaborations bring with them new ideas and opportunities to challenge yourself and grow as an artist. The team is paramount.  

The last year has brought a ton of change in my life, and I'm not the only one.  So it makes sense that my creative team would evolve as the different members' lives change as well.  From new agencies to new babies and new career paths, everyone is working to find their way.  That means crazy schedules and the need to find new creatives to partner with.  So last fall I started a hunt for new hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists.  I was looking for talented people who were looking to shoot regularly in addition to people who were excited about contributing creatively to the whole process.  And that's how I eventually found Liz Olivier and Brynn Doering.

Once Liz and I started emailing back and forth we started pitching beauty story ideas, concepts that had been nagging at us both and that we were excited to create.  Liz eventually came up with the idea of Emerald and Rose, and after a few more mood-board laden emails back and forth we had most of the shoot together.  Brynn was a recommendation from the agent at Aubri Balk who introduced me to Marie Blomquist (with whom I collaborated on the Printland, Metallic Waterfalls, and End of the World editorials).  Emerald and Rose was the first shoot that Brynn and I worked on together and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I hope you enjoy the story and I look forward to sharing more work with you soon.


Photography: Adrianna Favero

Makeup: Liz Olivier 

Hair: Brynn Doering (Aubri Balk)

Model: Marie Frick (MC2)

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