The Red Lip for The Cut and Saks Fifth Avenue Beauty

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Social media is great for sharing your life, but for me it’s an invaluable tool where I share my work and aim to connect with new clients and team members. You play the game and pay close attention to your analytics in hopes of catching the attention of the right person at the right time. In an ideal world they’ll find something in your feed that resonates with them enough to want to hire you for a new project, and, by doing so, open a door to new working relationships, opportunities and adventures. So it was a pretty wonderful feeling when I got that call, well email actually, from a producer, who got my information from an art director, who found one of my images in a hashtag search and thought I’d be a great fit for an upcoming shoot. Circuitous but effective. I’ll take it. That project happens to be this project: a brand partnership with The Cut and Saks Fifth Avenue showcasing their beauty department and the fall’s boldest lip trends.

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For this shoot I’d be working with staffers from The Cut, showing how regular women (by which of course I mean as incredibly intelligent, accomplished and chic, just not models) could wear the various beauty looks. We worked with (in order of appearance) Emily Sundberg - Social Media Editor, Indya Brown - Fashion Partnerships Editor, Jenny Barrett - Product Manager, and Hillary Nelson - Product Manager. Overall the shoot was a pretty easy day. It gave me some time to get to know each of the women and talk with them about the careers, their recent travels and favorite books. But most of the shoot was really about making people feel comfortable and making the experience of connecting with a stranger, on camera, to talk about beauty, appear natural and fun. And I think the reason this shoot was so successful was because it was natural and fun. It was an incredible group of people having a semi-relaxed but well paced day playing in the studio enjoying the job. So much of this work is intangible, it isn’t just about the technical aspects, it’s about how you can make people feel and what that interaction brings out in your subjects. And this shoot was about having a sense of humor and celebrating their individual beauty.

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Photography: Adrianna Favero

Production: Aydah Albaba

Design: Julia D’Orazio

Hair Styling: Clara Leonard

Makeup: Sae Ryun Song

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