We Love Glitter for Reve Beauty Italia

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I love when a plan comes together. I love it even more when I can help a client be successful or solve a problem and make their lives easier. So when an editor contacts me with the faith that I can produce a quality project in a limited amount of time to get them out of a bind, there’s only really one answer. That kind of faith is a privilege and something that I don’t take lightly.

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Last fall an editor from Reve Beauty Italia, a print Italian beauty and spa publication, saw a test shoot I posted on my Behance portfolio and reached out asking to use a couple of the images in an upcoming issue. I thanked her for her interest and countered with an offer to produce a whole new story specifically for Reve, and I ended up creating two stories for both the December 2017 and January 2018 issues.

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In mid-October that same editor reached out in a mild panic to see if I had any homeless stories that I could submit for the November 2018 issue as they were short a few pages. I didn’t have anything that I could offer her at the moment, but I did have some time between other projects and a concept that I’d been kicking around. I pitched the idea and once it was accepted I got to work producing the project. Within the week I’d pulled together our incredible team, shot the project, and begun the race to have the images delivered by the retouching deadline.

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Shooting this project was a wonderful experience partially because I got to reunite with some incredible collaborators, Amanda Thesen, Li Murillo, and Kana Kishita, and joining us was the lovely MJ (IMG). It’s a wonderful thing to collaborate with artists who are excited about the concept and use their enthusiasm to come up with wonderful ideas, and who in turn challenge you and make you better. They were patient with me while I worked to manage the techniques that I used to achieve the lighting effects and encouraging of the results when we captured the strongest moments. So thank you ladies, I truly couldn’t have done this without you!

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So without further ado, here’s the full story and an extended edit from the shoot, because I really couldn’t help myself. I hope you enjoy!


“lancia i tuoi sogni nello spacio come farfalle e qulache cosa ti riporteranno: forse solo il riflesso del bosco o forse un nuovo cielo, un nuovo amore, un nuovo mondo”


“throw your dreams into the air like butterflies and they will bring you something back: perhaps only the reflection of the forest or maybe a new sky, a new love, a new world”


“uno sguardo inatteso, profondo silenzioso, può deviare il corso della tua vita, può donarti un amore ineguagliabile”


“an unexpected look, deep, silent, can divert the course of your life, can give you an incomparable love”