Spring Beauty with Iulia Cirstea


Fact: You can't work in a vacuum.  Even though I'm a pretty solitary person, and spend most of my time working alone, I'm also a firm believer that one of the surest ways to improve is to work with people you admire, people who challenge you, and people who encourage you to think outside the box and push you to develop your skills.  In my world that means testing with new artists.  I always try to go in with the goal of creating a full story worth submitting, but the most important thing to me is getting to know the strengths of the team and making sure that we all have something of quality to walk away with.  This was exactly that kind of project.  Sergio Estrada (hair) and Elizabeth Lerman (makeup) had come highly recommended by other artists and friends that I had been working with, and while I'd contacted them both about in the past about joining previous projects, conflicting schedules kept getting in the way.  So organizing a new test was the best way to get together and get to know one another on set. 

One of the things that I always look for in creative partners is someone who can take my initial ideas and contribute their own expertise and expand that idea into something even more interesting and exciting.  I love curls, big ones/small ones, natural/fake/enhanced, don't care.  Since I learned how to value and embrace mine I've loved shooting them.  In that vein I've been wanting to do a curly shoot for a while and Sergio certainly delivered.  Elizabeth's focus on pristine skin and subtle beauty helped support the exuberance of the hair and really nail the looks. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.27.37 PM.png

Our lovely model was Iulia Cirseta of Elite New York.  She was an absolute joy to work with and brought so much light and joy to the images.  In addition to being a lovely person to spend an afternoon working with, she also brought her adorable Yorkie, Mr. Blue, with her to the shoot.  He decided that I was to his liking and basically went back and forth between exploring the studio, sleeping in the sunspots, perching on Iulia's lap, or sitting directly next to me for the whole day.  It was wonderful. I love set dogs (it really makes me want one).  So without further ado, here are my favorites from the shoot.  I hope you enjoy and until next time...

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 5.27.27 PM.png