Color Lines for Elléments Magazine

Some projects weeks and weeks of planning.  Some really don't.  Some stories come to life from an empty afternoon in everyone's schedule where you just want to fill a few hours by making something light and pretty with talented and interesting people.  And that's kinda awesome.  Definitely more fun than sitting at home sending emails. 

Most of my projects from the last several months have focused on concepts rooted in the current national discourse.  These stories have been in part my own personal coping mechanisms that allow me to work through the current events through the lenses of fashion, beauty, and art.  It's an avenue I have a lot of respect for, and I'd never want to be that person that gets it wrong by being ham-fisted and inarticulate with issues that are too important to be disrespected.  At the same time, that release can also be a bit restrictive in itself.  And at times like that, you just need something pretty.  This shoot was one of my something pretty projects, so I'm thrilled that it found a home with Elléments Magazine.  So without further ado, I hope you enjoy my newest beauty story and some additional outtakes.  So here's your something pretty break in between all the work.

Photography: Adrianna Favero

Makeup: Amanda Thesen

Model: Milica Tepavac (ONE Management)