Featured in Make Good

One of the challenges of being a creative (especially a freelance creative) is finding outlets for your work that people will actually see.  We know that visibility is key and the goal is always to get more eyes on your work, to build a loyal following that will also hopefully result in bigger opportunities to tell new stories and be compensated for that time and effort.  So in the search for promising outlets, I was introduced to Ello, an online community of visual artists (mainly photographers, painters, graphic designers, and motion graphic artists) showcasing their work.  Ello also partners with different companies to hold competitions that highlight different artists and give them real-world opportunities when they win. 

One of the first competitions that I entered was to be part of a coffee table book whose sales would go towards supporting global disaster relief.  I decided to enter my story for Institute Magazine, "Expressions of Beauty" that I conceptualized and produced with Ananda Ambrose of Big Leo, and our lovely model was Cleirys Velasquez of Marilyn New York.  You can learn more about that project here.

I'm happy to say that MAKE GOOD has finally arrived and it looks beautiful and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.  Head out and pick one up to see more of my work and the work of many other incredibly talented artists!