Tatcha for the Cut

My editorial Christmas present this year came in the form of my most recent shoot for The Cut. The Monday before I was scheduled to fly home for the holidays I got an email from one of my favorite producers, Aydah Albaba over at The Cut, to see if I was free to join for a new partnered shoot with Tatcha, celebrating their new product, the Violet-C Brightening Serum. The plan was to photograph four staffers who’d been using the serum to see if the product lived up to the claims of greatness. Spoiler, it’s pretty great (I got a bottle to try myself, and I really like it).


So that week we all met at Candy Studios on Canal Street for the shoot. Over coffee and breakfast, while we were all either getting set up or settling to handle last minute emails, we all got to unwind a little from the end of year crush to share our holiday plans and discuss the project. For this shoot I was photographing the girls from the branding partnerships team and while it was great to connect with the familiar faces (Indya and Aydah), it was also nice to meet people that I’d only been emailing with so far and finally put names to faces. Our subjects are (in order of appearance) Emily Sorokes - Senior Integrated Marketing Manager, Indya Brown - The Cut Fashion Partnerships Editor, Aydah Albaba - Branded Content Director of Production, and Katie O’Donnell - New York Stories Branded Content Editor.


Much like my previous portraiture/beauty project for The Cut and Saks Fifth Avenue, the big take-away from this experience was that so much of portraiture is about how you make someone feel. Beauty and self-image have so much more to do with how someone feels about themselves than how they look. Each of these women are brilliant, stunning, confident and successful people. They are each unapologetically themselves and none of them take themselves too seriously. But being in front of the camera is a very different experience than being excellent at regular life. There’s something about being examined that makes people understandably uncomfortable. And so my job in this situation was just to put them at ease and remind them (where necessary) of the things that they already know about themselves - that they are awesome.


Photography: Adrianna Favero

Hair and Makeup: Sae Ryun Song

Art Direction: Julia D’Orazio

Production: Aydah Albaba