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Behind the Scenes for A Sporting Life for iMute Magazine

They say life influences art, and I know it does in my work.  The influx of sportswear inspired collections over the past several seasons sparked the desire to do an athletic/athleasure inspired shoot.  The media coverage of and my anticipation for and excitement leading up to this summer's Olympics convinced me this was the perfect time for this story. 

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#BeautyKnowsNoColor - Behind the Scenes of Dark Magic

If you’ve been following my instagram you may have seen me use the tag #BeautyKnowsNoColor.  This project originally developed from an ongoing discussion with my longtime friend and collaborator, Ananda Khan.  Ananda is a talented hair and makeup artist represented by Big Leo.  Throughout her career she has always been as interested in the politics of beauty as in her role enhancing and manipulating beauty.  Over the last couple years our discussion kept revisiting the ways women are represented in media and our role as women creating that media.  A huge part of those conversations was the idea of what we as a society deem beautiful, and thus valuable.  

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Behind the Scenes of Justin Alexander Signature Collection
Behind the Scenes of the Ivy and Aster Bridal Ad Campaign