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Challenging Minority Erasure in "Romance of the West" for Obvious Magazine
Ain't No Banker for Switch Magazine
Slipscape for Solstice Magazine
Whimsical Dreams for Trend Prive Magazine
The End of the World for Solstice Magazine
Printland for Creem Magazine

Last fall I decided to make editorials more of a focus.  I joined a membership studio and spent more time conceptualizing stories and pitching them to magazines.  After a few weeks of pulling briefs together and searching for potential editorial homes, I had agreements with several magazines to produce original fashion content for them.  The first of these stories, Printland, was just published today on

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In Her Own Words... 9 Questions with Morgan Reid

Since becoming a photographer I've gotten some interesting questions from people outside the industry about what I do and who I work with. Over the years I've noticed a lot of personal biases about people in fashion, particularly the models, so I wanted to give them the chance to speak for themselves.

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Take Flight with Ivy and Aster Fall 2017

Twice a year, just on the heels of fashion month, bridal designers from across the country congregate in New York City to share their newest collections, full of romantic fantasy and escapism for every kind of bride.  Here is a look at  Ivy and Aster's Fall 2017 Lookbook. 

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The Sporting Life for iMute Magazine

Last week I shared the story behind the scenes from my recent fashion editorial for iMute Magazine, The Sporting Life.  Here is the full published story along with a few outtakes that I thought were too good not to share.  I hope you enjoy.

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Monif C Showing Beauty At All Sizes

Monif C is not the first plus sized brand I've had the pleasure to work with;  it's not the first plus swimwear line I've worked with.  But what set this project apart for me personally was the   was thepalpable sexual energy.   On the one hand this should have been pretty obvious, I was shooting swimwear; barring robes, what you see here is what our lovely models (andtheyare lovely, classy, hardworkingwomen) ran around in for most of the day. On the other handthis shoot wasa huge wake up call. 

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Kelsey for The Angle Magazine

There are lots of projects that are one and done.  You shoot, you edit, you retouch, you deliver, you're done.  Then there are projects that seem to grow as they are shared.  They capture people's imagination and open doors as they move and develop whole lives unto themselves.  This was one such project.  I sent one of the images to The Angle Agency, and while it didn't guarantee me a spot on their roster, it started a conversation and an invitation to be featured on their in-house magazine.  So here is the full story as it ran on their site.  I hope you enjoy.  

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