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Women's March on NYC

I was one of those marchers.  Toting a camera instead of a sign I was there to support a cause that I am passionate about: women's equality and many of the other intersectional feminist platforms of immigration, social justice, civil rights, and equal pay. I was also there to call for and end to the racist and misogynistic rhetoric that plagued the campaign and the media's ongoing discussions of America's most challenging issues.

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Kelsey for The Angle Magazine

There are lots of projects that are one and done.  You shoot, you edit, you retouch, you deliver, you're done.  Then there are projects that seem to grow as they are shared.  They capture people's imagination and open doors as they move and develop whole lives unto themselves.  This was one such project.  I sent one of the images to The Angle Agency, and while it didn't guarantee me a spot on their roster, it started a conversation and an invitation to be featured on their in-house magazine.  So here is the full story as it ran on their site.  I hope you enjoy.  

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